Gigged the Z28 this weekend


rossco: the variable e.q bypass is great because while bypassed it you get the raw sound of the amp without the e.q and everything else attenuating the signal which sounds great and a because its variable on the foot switch you can dial in to taste, 1/2 way I like Dec 19, 2019 19:02:01 GMT -7
rossco: you don't have to fully bypass the tone stack which is great because gives you room to dial in your sound, it certainly thickens up the sound and adds nice growl/midrange growl. I don't like pedals so this replaces everything for me Dec 19, 2019 19:04:58 GMT -7
easyed: It seems that the only time I clean off my workbench is when I need the space for something else. If I don't take a break, it's less than 5 minutes before that space is full again. Dec 21, 2019 18:48:23 GMT -7
walt: Thanks Bill Dec 22, 2019 18:57:45 GMT -7
heynewguy (Ol’ Bill): You are welcome Walt. Dec 28, 2019 5:27:21 GMT -7
heynewguy (Ol’ Bill): And the sky is gray Dec 29, 2019 5:38:55 GMT -7
"Z" Steve: McGuinn and McGuire couldn't get...…. ooops, wrong song Dec 31, 2019 16:03:09 GMT -7
roscoenyc: Your guitar has this cool thing on it, the volume knob. Check it out! Jan 3, 2020 9:02:42 GMT -7
The Rad Washer: I only come here for the post likes Jan 22, 2020 19:57:26 GMT -7
heynewguy (Ol’ Bill): ^^^👍^^^ Jan 25, 2020 8:17:21 GMT -7
GuitarZ: My old MAudio Delta 1010 Sound Module works with Windows 10 (so far)! Who Knew? :) Jan 25, 2020 17:06:35 GMT -7
BritInvasion: Hi Walt! Jan 29, 2020 17:19:41 GMT -7
"Z" Steve: Great amps Frank those Hi Walts! Jan 30, 2020 8:57:35 GMT -7
BritInvasion: That's a good one Steve! Feb 1, 2020 9:01:39 GMT -7
runninwiththerevil (Matthew): Puking kid. Oh boy. Glad I was done jamming. Another three minutes and there would have been projectile on the Maz JR! Feb 1, 2020 20:16:01 GMT -7
roscoenyc: weedala weedala weedala Feb 4, 2020 6:45:42 GMT -7
roscoenyc: Whenever I see the phrase "clean pedal platform" I'm filled with sadness about the real tube amp joy that could have been. Feb 8, 2020 8:42:49 GMT -7
The Rad Washer: But my distortion pedal just doesn't sound good without a lot of headroom... Feb 10, 2020 10:47:02 GMT -7 *
T-R☼CK ♫: "Lookin' for some California grass…" Feb 11, 2020 8:22:47 GMT -7
The Rad Washer: And if you are a consenting adult we want you to call today in Los Angeles, the number is Richmond9-6935, in Downey it's 347-8932.
Call it direct, Call it collect, But call it today
Feb 14, 2020 22:03:58 GMT -7